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Check back frequently for updates on the Flight Team's road to Competition!

NIFA Region IX 2024 competition results

SAFECON Championship: 2nd
Judges Trophy: 1st
Flight Events: 1st
Ground Events: 2nd

Preflight: 1st, 3rd
Aircraft Recognition: 1st, 5th
E6B: 1st, 4th
SCAN: 1st
Ground Trainer: 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Message Drop: 1st, 2nd
Power Off Landings: 2nd
Short Field Landings: 5th

Unlimited Navigation: 1st, 2nd

Top Pilot: Luke Russo

Upcoming Dates

Interest Meeting - August 17th 5pm - Mell 4550

Practice - Sunday's 11AM 

Ground Events - Wednesday's 5PM - 8PM Mell 2510
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